Music for Adults

Did you learn an instrument and play in the band when you were a kid?

Did your parents force you to take piano lessons and make you practice?

Did you play an instrument and stop because your work/your family/your life took precedence and you finally shoved your instrument up into the attic?

Do you ever wish you hadn’t given up your lessons?

I’m firm in the belief that you are never too old to learn or re-learn an instrument.  There are many benefits and emotional rewards if you decide to pursue this desire.  You can do it!  As an adult you will be self-motivated.  You will have different rewards from it.  You will improve your mental and motor skills.  (Don’t they say that you need to learn something new to keep your brain young?!)  Musical instruments require complicated tasks and use both sides of your brain.  They improve coordination and focus.  Playing an instrument can give you an outlet for social interaction.

You can form an ensemble and play with other adults.  OR: you can join the New Horizons band, which is an excellent resource for adults working on their musical skills.  There is also the Cincinnati Civic Orchestra, open to members of the Cincinnati community.  If you’re interested in learning a string instrument or play one and want some company, check out the New Horizons Orchestra. Cincinnati is rich in community music activities; get out of that recliner and go find them!

CCM has a program that allows you to learn the harp and play in an ensemble! Wouldn’t that be fun!? The New Horizon Orchestra site has information about that also.

Participation in music doesn’t always have to be serious and high-brow.  If you aspire to greatness, but haven’t quite reached that skill level, you can still have fun with it. Here’s one of my favorite musical groups: The Really Terrible Orchestra.  When will we have a Cincinnati Really Terrible Orchestra!?  🙂