How do I join?

If you wish to join in person please call Lynne Scott at 513-241-0903. If you would like to join online please start at the AFM home page Complete their form. Local #1 has some separate paperwork that will need to be completed and those links are located here. If someone wants to join Local 1 they can do so for one quarter at a time. If you join online through the Federation website they must join for one year.

Step 1. Then Download these 3 documents: 1. Membership Card, 2. Membership Form and 3. www.irs.gov_W-4 form 2014

(to Download: Look at your computer’s upper left tab, Choose File, then Choose “Export as pdf”.  It will then appear on your desktop.

Step 3. Fill these 4 documents out, sign, and send to the CMA office at 644 Linn Ave. Suite 1200
Cincinnati, OH 45203.

Enclose payment for initiation fees and quarterly payment of dues. If you have questions about the amount you owe, phone Lynne Scott at 241-0903.

Questions you might ask if you’re thinking of joining:

What are my initiation fees for? The total you’ll pay for initiation as a new member of Local #1 is $115. Of that, the Local receives $50 and $65 goes to the AFM national organization. This will cover the processing costs of entering you into the system, as well as a share in the maintenance of the organization. It also covers the expense of publishing and mailing your issues of the monthly union magazine “International Musician”. The $65 fee is waived if you have been a member of another Local within one-year of resigning or expulsion. If you are a current member of another Local, it is automatically waived.

You will also be responsible for paying your dues when you join. Dues for Local 1 can be paid either yearly ($102 per year) or quarterly. Quarterly dues for members age 45+ are $25.25 (Jan/March/June/Sept). For age 45 and under, add $1.25 per quarter for the CMA Benefit, i.e. life insurance, for 10 years, making the total $26.50.

If paid annually by January 31, there is a $4.00 discount – i.e. $97 annually for CMA members, $102 for non-CMA members.

New Member Payment Chart
Payment Plan Initiation Fee Dues CMA Benefit Due Date Total
Quarterly 115 25.25 1.25 Jan.31/
Mar 31/
June 31/
Sept 30
Annually 115 97 (102) 5.00 Jan. 31 217