Cincinnati Musicians Union’s Illustrious History

This Association was incorporated not for profit, on the Tenth day of December, A.D. 1881, under the name of “The Cincinnati Musicians’ Protective Union.”  During the January, 1889 term of the Common Pleas Court of Hamilton County, in Case No 82658, the name of the Association was changed by a decree in said case to “The Cincinnati Musicians’ Protective Association No. 1.”

On November 6, 1897, this Association was granted a charter from the American Federation of Musicians and by the terms of the charter became Local No. 1 of the Federation. By the terms of the charter this Association was guaranteed autonomy as an Association and guaranteed the support of the Federation in its endeavors and actions insofar as same did not conflict with the laws of the American Federation of Musicians. This Association, in return for this grant, agreed to at all times support the Federation and to obey all its laws, rules and regulations.

At the time of the grant of this charter by the Federation, this Association was granted a territorial jurisdiction of all points in greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky located within a radius of twenty miles from Fountain Square. This territorial jurisdiction, being an original grant, cannot be decreased by any action of the International Executive Board of the American Federation of Musicians. Subsequently however, this territorial jurisdiction was increased by action of the International Executive Board.

In 1934, the corporate name of this Association was changed by authority of the Secretary of the State of Ohio to “The Cincinnati Musicians’ Association.”