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Member Benefit Summary

A description of the benefits you can be eligible to receive when you become a member of the AFM:

  • CMA Benefit Club A life insurance fund that you will pay into (a minimal amount) for 10 years until you become vested, then you earn benefits from a life insurance coverage.
  • Pension accrues for every union job you play; pension is paid by the employer. When you are 62 you will be able to draw on this benefit.
  • Credit Union
    You will be eligible to join the Communicating Arts Credit Union for great banking rates, low interest loans.
  • Promo Inc.
    The CMA’s Payroll Service takes care of your payroll whenever you perform a union contracted job. Promo deducts taxes so you don’t have to pay them at tax time.
  • Engagement Guarantee Fund:
    When you perform on a union contract your pay is guaranteed even if the employer defaults.
  • Rehearsal Space Rental
    Union offers rehearsal space and on-site equipment rental at reasonable rates.
  • Music Performance Trust Fund
    You will be eligible for jobs paid by the MPTF funds.
  • Instrument Insurance
    You can insure your instruments at the lowest rates available to union members.
  • AFL-CIO Union Privilege Program
    You will be eligible for many perks thru this program.
  • Disabled Musicians Grants
    You may apply for some financial help if you are temporarily disabled and are unable to work.