Become a Member

Thank you for making the decision to join Local #1 of the American Federation of Musicians. Our Local is also referred to as the Cincinnati Musicians Association (CMA). Simply complete the steps listed below. Once payment has been made you will have the ability to enter your information onto our online membership directory and will have immediate access to all material visible only to members.

You still have the option of joining in person by stopping by the office to complete your paperwork and submit payment. The CMA accepts checks, cash, and debit/credit cards.

Step 1 – complete the AFM Membership application

Step 2 – read and sign the CMA agreement card

Step 3 – complete the CMA Insurance form

Step 4 – Submit payment for new membership

If you have any questions please send them to [email protected] or call the office at 513-241-0900.

  • Breakdown of Costs for New Members
  • Initiation Fee:
    $55 to Local #1
    $65 to National Office*
  • Dues:
    $101 per year
  • Total for New Member: $221
  • Annual Dues for Current Members
  • $101 annually or $25.25 per quarter (ages 45+)
  • Dues:
    $101 per year
  • Total for New Member: $221

*waived if you are transferring your membership from another Local – Call the office and they will assist you