How long have you been on the board? Carol has been our secretary since 2011. We love her efficient and concise note taking at meetings, and copies appear in our email boxes prior to each meeting.

How long have you been a union member? She’s been a long-time member but refuses to divulge how old she was when she joined.

What locals have you belonged to? She has always been a member of Local #1.

What instrument (s) do you play? Carol is a flutist and a master with the baton. She became conductor of the Frank Simon Band after Bob Horniak retired.

Where do you live? Carol is a resident of Anderson township.

Are any of your family members musicians? Husband David plays trombone, her son plays trumpet, her dad played piano, organ and drums, her mom played clarinet and her sister also plays flute and piccolo. They’ve got the makings of a wind band right there!

What are you most proud of doing since you joined the board?  Helping members.

How have you seen the union change since you joined?  We’ve been working to streamline and modernize our office space and changing our public face to be more relevant and efficient.

What are the Union’s biggest challenges today and in the future?  We’re trying to increase the relevancy for the union in our member’s lives.  It is still important for our musical future to utilize the union’s presence in our employment. We need to assist all musicians in our area and educate students looking to become professional musicians about the reason the union is important.