Lou Lausche, Board Member

How long have you served on the board? I’ve been on the board for about 35 years- for much of that time I was Vice President.

What particular “talent” or interest do you bring to the board? I am a lawyer, so bring my legal expertise to some of our board decisions. As an active gigging musician I also bring that experience to the board.

How old were you when you joined the union? I was 15!

What locals have you belonged to? I joined Local 1 in 1962, but had been a member of the Marietta Local 179 since 1955.

What instrument (s) do you play? Bass is my main instrument, but I also play violin, viola in public. I play clarinet and guitar also, but not for gigs!

What kind of music do you play? I mostly play jazz, but also do some classical and pop.

What part of town do you live in and for how long? I’ve lived in Westwood for 16 years, having moved there from Springfield Township where my office is located.

Are any of your family musicians? My son Mark plays the guitar, and son Bill plays drums.

What interest or talent do you have that would be surprising to our members?One of my main hobbies is to learn to play other instruments, such as clarinet, saxophone, guitar and piano.

The State of the Union:

What are you most proud of doing in your time on the Board? The most important thing to me is keeping the CMA solvent, honest, and relevant to musicians. This is the legacy begun by Gene Frey’s influence and that of past and present Board members and officers.

How have you seen the union change since you joined? The union does not seem to be as much involved in “enforcement” as has it has been in the past. (i.e. Playing with non-union members, failing to file contracts, etc.) This is probably a good thing in today’s market.

What are the biggest challenges currently? First: Attracting new members; Second: Attracting the buyers of live music services with which we can provide jobs for our members; Third: Convincing the public that the Union supplies the best musicians and music product.

What is your vision for the union in the future?I hope it will become an important professional organization to all its members in addition to being a quality labor union. I’d also like to have us improve on our public image as the place to go for quality live music.