Board Meeting Minutes/October 8, 2013

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on October 8, 2013 at 4:46 PM

Mike Andres was absent.

The minutes of the September 30, 2013 were approved with spelling corrections.
















  • President Paul Frankenfeld reported that the contract was finally signed and sent to NY.  It includes the amendments pertaining to the dress code.

II.  National Issues

  • Minnesota is still locked out. The resignation Tuesday, October 1, 2013 of music director Osmo Vänskä left everyone involved in the Minnesota Orchestra’s bitter labor dispute reeling and facing an uncertain future.
  • The orchestra’s international reputation took a further hit Tuesday when Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis resigned after 15 years as director of the orchestra’s Composer Institute, saying he was “baffled and dismayed at what has been done to allow the dismemberment of this superb orchestra at the height of its powers.

III. Newsletter

  • President Frankenfeld reported that the proof for the newsletter was due in the office on October 9, 2013.  It should be mailed quickly after it is proofread.

IV.  Memorial

  • After some discussion the Board suggested that President Frankenfeld contact the children of Gene Frey and inform them that we will move ahead with a memorial service.  A date will be set shortly.

V.  Johnny Black Memorial Plaque

  • President Frankenfeld announced that the fundraising effort for the Johnny Black memorial plaque was successful and the Cincinnati Musicians Association will be noted as a major donor.


  • President Frankenfeld reported that he has not had a response from Mike Cioffi or two others on the negotiating team. The orchestra begins rehearsals this week for a performance.  If they are paid at the old rates the organization will be asked for retroactive pay.  According to their contractor no pay increase was indicated as was verbally agreed upon.  The CCO Board meeting scheduled for September 26, 2013 did indicate that the agreement would be discussed.

VII. 990 Forms

  • The Board reviewed the 990 forms submitted for approval by John Layne.  No irregularities were found and a motion was given by Lou Lausche to approve the forms.  Don Hurd provided the second.  The forms were approved unanimously.



I.  Board Elections

  • Petitions for the position of President, Vice President, Secretary and Trustee for the Cincinnati Musicians Association were due to the office by 5PM today, October 8, 2013.  A short break was taken so that the petitions could be inspected.
  • Secretary Carol Dunevant inspected the petitions, which had been received.  They are as follows.  For the office of President one petition was received from Paul Frankenfeld.  For Vice President one petition was received from Barbara Lambert.  For Secretary one petition was received from Carol Dunevant.  For Trustee (5 positions) there were five petitions received.  Joe Gaudio, Mike Andres, Don Hurd, Lynne Scott, and Lou Lausche submitted petitions.  All petitions were found to be in order.
  • In accordance with all rules and regulations pertaining to governance of the Cincinnati Musicians Association the following slate was elected by acclamation seeing that they ran unopposed.  The Officers and Trustees are:

President:  Paul Frankenfeld

Vice President: Barbara Lambert

Secretary:  Carol Dunevant

Trustees:  Mike Andres, Joe Gaudio, Don Hurd, Lou Lausche, and Lynne Scott.

The term begins January 2014 and runs for two years.

II.  Constella Festival

  • It has come to the attention of President Frankenfeld that the Constella Festival is planning on presenting a chamber orchestra concert which will be conducted by Paavo Jarvi on Thursday, October 10, 2013.  Several players have approached Paul with concerns that include, but are not limited to, pay that is below scale and inadequate break time for a three-hour rehearsal.
  • President Frankenfeld responded by writing a letter to the Festival creator explaining the concerns and that the Local would be happy to assist them in constructing agreements in the future.
  • It was suggested that Board get in touch with members about this type of situation.  It was noted that the situation might have been avoided if players had contacted the office sooner.


III. ICSOM Meeting

  • President Frankenfeld will be attending the ICSOM meeting on October 14.  Discussion will be around renegotiating the Integrated Media Agreement (IMA).


See attached B 24343-24359

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 29, 2013.


Meeting adjourned at 6:00PM.