The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on January 12, 2015 at 3:35PM.


All members were present.

The minutes of the December 29, 2014 meeting were approved.








ERASED:    None




I. President’s Report

  • President Frankenfeld reported that there have been no phone calls to AllClear.


II. On-line Dues Payment

  • President Frankenfeld and Secretary Dunevant reported their findings regarding the possible use of PayPal or Square Market to add the convenience of on-line dues payment for members. There are no setup fees associated with either service. However, PayPal charges 2.90% plus .30 per transaction. Square Market would only assess a 2.75% fee per transaction. It was agreed to move ahead with Square Market.


  • Contract negotiations: It appears negotiations may be able to be completed earlier than anticipated. Management shared their plan with two members of the Player’s Committee. This coming Sunday Barb Jacoma will be arriving. Meetings are scheduled for Monday morning for a formal presentation from Management will be made to the Players. Meetings will continue on Monday afternoon and time has been scheduled for Tuesday morning, if needed. February 2 is tentatively scheduled to reconvene the meetings. Trey Devey has been able to raise $17 million toward the $20 million goal. This is a definite sign of good faith on the part of Management.

IV. Member loan

  • The Board of Trustees gave permission to President Frankenfeld to make written contact with a member who took out a small loan with the Local. While a single payment has been made to clear the loan nothing else has been remitted.



  • The second Chamber Players was sold out. A couple of players voiced concern about the set up being in the round but following the performance the players felt it was successful. Vice President Barb Lambert voiced a concern about the difficulty navigating the Chamber Player website.
  • Searches are on for Assistant and Associate Conductors. The searches are using Dropbox for the search committee members to view videos. The committee deadline is this coming Friday. There are 140 videos to view.
  • Dates have been set for the Associate Principal Flute position. May 4, 2015 will be the preliminaries and semi-finals and finals are scheduled for the following week.

II. Taft Museum

  • There has been a cancellation and President Frankenfeld is working with John Kurokawa (clarinet) to get a group together.

III. Accent Music

  • No more physical checks exist for Accent Music. Any bills needing to be paid will be done through the General Fund.
  • The name will be registered with the State of Ohio so that we maintain rights to the business name. The Local will also maintain the phone number but the cell phone will be discontinued. Calls can be forwarded to Paul’s cell phone or just get put into the voice mail system at the office.
  • Any incoming checks will need to be made payable to Cincinnati Musicians Association.




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Next meeting scheduled for January 26th at 3:30PM.

Meeting adjourned at 4:35PM.

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on December 29, 2014 at 12:45PM.

All members were present.

The minutes of the December 15, 2014 were approved as read.


Joyce Grabel (Joyce Chan)- Viola/Violin 12/2/14





RESIGNED:  Douglas Fischer, bassoon. 12/31/14



I.  President’s Report

  • To date, there have been no phone calls to AllClear. We have not received their bill but it should be forthcoming.
  • President Frankenfeld updated the Board regarding Trish Carmichael. She is the individual that could take over the design of Overtones, the newsletter for the Local.
  • President of the Pittsburgh Local, George Clewer, has contacted Paul for scale pertaining to ballet orchestras. The Pittsburgh scale was astronomical resulting in the cessation of live music for their ballet. Mr. Clewer is looking to bring their scale more in line with other Locals and try to return to live music.
  • President of the Louisville Local, Terry O’Mahoney, requested information pertaining to vocalists. During the holidays the Louisville airport has hired musicians to perform for travellers. The Louisville Local does not have a booking agency so the airport just worked through the President to book the musicians. Fewer flights have resulted in fewer hires and there has been an issue of vocalists (non-members) circumventing the Local’s involvement. The Louisville Board has decided that vocalists should join the Local.
  • President Frankenfeld asked Trustee Joe Gaudio if he had gotten any more information regarding the Blue Wisp Big Band playing at the museum in Devou Park. Joe is still waiting to hear back from the contact person.



  • President Frankenfeld reminded the Board that the application process is completely computerized. Any organization that receives funding will receive mailed confirmation of the amount awarded.
  • AFM President, Ray Hair, is encouraging different revenue sources to feed the fund.


  • Music Hall has been awarded the $25 million tax credit grant. Management is looking to the 2016-17 season to begin renovations. The CSO would likely move to the Taft Theater. There is concern about subscriber retention following the renovations. The Taft has seating for approximately 2300. Parking will be an issue as the cost of meters is increasing and the hours of operating meters will move from 6PM to 9PM, as well as Sundays, in certain areas.
  • Both the Opera and Ballet would move to new performance venues during renovations.
  • Renovation to Music Hall causes concern about the acoustics. It is hoped that more than one opinion will be sought. One acoustician has recommended that anything done acoustically should be something that could be reversed.
  • Management is investing touring possibilities during the renovation period. It would reduce the subscription period but could ease possible inconvenience to subscribers and concert attendees.


I. Security Issues

  • Vice President Barb Lambert has an acquaintance that is a security consultant. The consultant also has some music background. In light of recent events Barb suggested that we hire the consultant to see if there is anything we could do to continue to increase the security of information in the office.
  • Barb suggested that we could have the consultant make a presentation at a quarterly meeting that could also address information for members with steps to increase information security in their homes. Barb feels that anything the Board can do that is preventative and proactive is important.
  • Mike Andres suggested that Barb investigate the cost of a consultant. Discussion included taking a member survey about interest in such a presentation. Members should be reminded that they are always welcome to attend any and all Board meetings if they have a concern with any issue, including security, transparency, etc.
  • President Frankenfeld suggested that Barb invite the consultant to meet with the two of them to talk about possibilities. Discussion concluded with Joe Gaudio commenting how much he appreciates the openness of the Board. He feels that levels of trust and respect have risen over the past few years allowing Trustees to bring up any issue or concern.

II. On-line Dues Payment

  • Membership Director and Trustee, Lynne Scott, asked if the Board could investigate the possibility of allowing members to make dues payments online. There are two or three possible low cost options. President Frankenfeld will talk with US Bank about possibilities and Secretary Carol Dunevant will look into PayPal and Square Market costs.

III. Playhouse in the Park

  • Trustee Mike Andres asked President Frankenfeld if he has heard anything from the Playhouse. The tribute to Rosemary Clooney is using a trio but he did not think that any of them were members of the Local. Paul has not heard anything from them in quite some time.

IV. Boar’s Head

  • The Boar’s Head Festival is this coming weekend. The contract needs to be sent. It will have 3 performances plus a rehearsal. After this year some changes may need to be implemented.



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Next meeting scheduled for January 12 at 3:30PM.


Meeting adjourned at 2:04PM.

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on December 15, 2014 at 3:37PM.


All members were present.


The minutes of the December 1, 2014 were approved with the following corrections: Section III. CSO There are high front-load fees with H&A so the CSO is interested in looking for investment companies that offer lower-fee investments. Horan began serving the needs of the orchestra in 1987 when the CSO wanted a 3rd party to manage and administer the funds. The CSO has begun looking around at other companies, but they need a minimum amount to transfer and some members do not want to change. Some of the alternatives have limited Vanguard options for investments. And Section IV. IMA Symphonic media agreements are nationally negotiated. In 2009, Cleveland wanted to make theirs only a local agreement and sued to withdraw, but a court ruling was for keeping it a national media agreement.








Douglas J. Fisher – bassoon – 12/15/14

ERASED:  none


I.  President’s Report

  • President Frankenfeld reported to the Trustees that the AllClear letter was originally scheduled to be mailed on December 4. Letters went out on December 9 due to some difficulties with international addresses. Because of the heavy mail deliveries associated with the holidays letters may be received on varying dates. AllClear has reported that no calls have been made to them regarding any problems.
  • President Frankenfeld has responded personally to one member who had voiced concerns.
  • Trustee Joe Gaudio suggested that perhaps another letter be sent to the membership outlining the steps that were taken by the Board when the theft was reported.



  • The Florida tour resulted in small but enthusiastic audiences. The concerts were independent of any regular season series in the area, which may have accounted for low turn out. The final night of the tour was the largest audience. There were opportunities for master classes to be presented and overall the tour was deemed a success.
  • Sarasota had a large Cincinnati presence.
  • Trey Devey was active with fund raising during the tour and the efforts saw $2.5 million committed.
  • Following the tour the Pops returned to two sold out concerts in Music Hall.
  • The orchestra has been invited to perform at Lincoln Center in January.
  • The next audition will be for the 2nd trombone position. The ad is in the IM.


  • The negotiations were completed and the agreement was settled on Thursday. No details have been released to date.



  • All forms for the MPTF have been computerized at this point.

II. United Way

  • Don Hurd made a motion to increase the contribution to the United Way from $350 to $400. Mike Andres gave the second. Motion passed unanimously.

III. Blue Wisp Big Band

  • Trustee Joe Gaudio informed the Board that the museum in Devou Park was interested in using the Wisp Band for a specific event. He wondered if a special agreement could be drawn up with regard to the payment, as it might not be according to scale. President Frankenfeld assured Joe that the request could be granted.

IV. Newsletter

  • Vice President Barb Lambert voiced her support for an outside individual be contacted to handle the Overtones newsletter. President Frankenfeld said he would contact the individual.




See attached B24886-24900


Next meeting scheduled for Monday, December 29 at 12:30PM.


Meeting adjourned at 4:24PM.