The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on August 30, 2013 at 12:07 PM.

Mike Andres was absent.

The minutes of the August 5, 2013 were approved.


Dan Arute, trumpet, 08/01/13

Tim Martin, horn, 08/09/13

Gi Yeon Koh, violin and viola, 08/28/13

Marie-France C. Lefebvre, Piano, harpsichord, celeste 08/22/13





Erin Houterloot, violin and viola, 08/28/13


Jacque Shoemaker 08/02/13

Jose Madrigal 08/25/13

Eugene V. Frey 08/29/13


Kara Manteufel, 08/27/13

James Wise, 08/27/13

David Milburn, 08/27/13




Adam S. Chapman

Jerry Clutter

Taylor Farley, III

Joseph Grimmer

Liya Huang

Evan Mack

Tim McIntire

Adam Syed



I.  KSO concerns

  • Discussion continued over the CCO no longer playing at the Carnegie Center for Visual at Performing Arts.  The Kentucky Symphony Orchestra has been scheduled.  While it has been recognized that the KSO does provide performance opportunities and pays the players the day of the performance, the concern is that the pay may be uneven and under scale.
  • President Paul Frankenfeld would like to speak to CMA members who frequently perform with the KSO to talk about the concerns and his desire to create a fence agreement with the organization.  Such an agreement would allow members of the CMA to be paid scale wages but would not effect non-union members.  President Frankenfeld is not looking to create a CBA but rather protect the rights of union members.

II.  Emergency Loan

  • A long time member has approached the Board with a request for an emergency loan of $300.  With this loan the member would be able to cover a medical expense.  Without having a procedure the member would be forced to lose work.
  • Since the current constitution provides for such a loan Don Hurd presented a motion to grant the loan with reasonable terms of repayment.  Joe Gaudio gave the second.  The motion passed.

III. ICSOM Convention

  • President Frankenfeld gave a summary of the ICSOM convention in Kansas City.  The report included information on the Federal Conciliation and Mediation Service; radio broadcasts which fall under the Public Radio agreement, and a performance of members of the Kansas City Philharmonic in their new hall.  The same individual who designed Disney Hall designed the hall.  The acoustics are superb. Other issues discussed at the convention were the Integrated Media Agreement and the announcement that Nashville has ratified a new contract.  It does contain a 15% rollback in wages but means there will not be a work stoppage.

IV.  Constitution Revision

  • Ballots will be printed next week and mailed out soon after.  The expected timeline will be two weeks to review the revisions and notify the Board of any questions or concerns then ballots due to the Office two weeks later.

V.  990 review

  • The final review of the 990 form has been postponed until the next Board meeting.


I.  Quarterly General Membership meeting

  • The date of September 30, 2013 at 7PM was scheduled for the next membership meeting.
  • The meeting will include recognition of the new Honorary Members.

II.  Gene Frey Memorial

  • President Frankenfeld is waiting to hear from Gene Frey’s children regarding a possible memorial.

III. Elections

  • Current Trustee and Officer terms are ending in December of 2013.  Petitions for running for a position will be available in the Office by September 9, 2013.  They are due back to the Office by the 1st Tuesday in October.


See attached B 24282-24308

Next meeting scheduled for Monday, September 9, 2013 at 3:00PM.


Meeting adjourned at 2:20PM.