The CCO will be featuring CCM Professor Emeritus Rick VanMatre for the world premiere of renowned composer (and CMA member) Frank Proto’s Concerto No. 2 for Saxophone and Orchestra.  This is a CCO commission and the concert is scheduled for Sunday, March 3 at 2PM at the Corbett Theater in the School for Creative and Performing Arts.  Tickets are $15.  The school is located at the corner of Elm and Central Parkway.

Mark passed away February 22, 2013.  A Navy veteran, Mark played sax and clarinet since the age of 14 and performed with Frankie Valli and Natalie Cole.  He was passionate about jazz and was a lover of books, ideas and sharing his wealth of knowledge.

Jim Sherrick passed away February 20.  Jim joined the Blue Wisp Big Band soon after its formation in January of 1980.  He played second alto ever since.  He will be missed greatly.

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on February 18, 2012 at 12:29 PM.

All members were present.

The minutes of the February 4 meeting were tabled until the next meeting due to the delay in the start of the meeting time.


Adrienne Doctor, trumpet

David Kleesattel, cello




DECEASED:         Robert Gausman

RESIGNED:         Christopher Ott

ERASED:           NONE


I.  Relocation

  • Ken Wells has been doing a tremendous amount of work to prepare us for the move and he will be compensated.

II.  Musician’s Ball

  • Brochures and tickets are now available. They will be kept in Lynne’s office.

III. Convention

  • Convention dates are July 22-25.  Paul, Carol and Becky Andres will be attending.
  • The MAC will be meeting sometime prior to the Las Vegas dates.

IV.  Welfare Fund

  • Paul will be meeting with other organizations under the ArtsWave umbrella to discuss a possible welfare fund.  Paul will be speaking with Barbara Owens next week about the fund since it will need to come before the IEB.

V.  FM Radio Broadcasts

  • Paul has been in touch with Hal Ponder and there will be a meeting with Ray Hair, Paul Frankenfeld and Senator Brown regarding royalties through FM radio broadcasts.


  • Paul has emailed Mike Cioffi.  Apparently he is spending quite a bit of time in Italy, which has made contact difficult.


  • They have just finished the Ballet performances of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Members wishing to retire will be notifying management soon.


I.  General Membership Quarterly Meeting.

  • The date of March 18 was selected for the meeting.  It will be combined with an open house for the new office location.




See attached B 24051-24073

Next meeting scheduled for Monday, March 4 at 3:15PM


Meeting adjourned at 12:56PM.

Finally there has been legislation passed that allows people transporting large instruments on airplanes to carry them on board planes without being hassled (or so we hope): article

Honorary member Robert Gausman passed away on February 12, 2013. He played at the Windjammer on Chester Road with another of our deceased members, pianist Bob Taylor,  for a long time.  They were a popular club duo for many years.  Bob Garry is how he was known, and he sang and played guitar, bass,  banjo, & mandolin.

After many years at our current address the office of the Cincinnati Musician’s Association we have moved.  The new address is 644 Linn Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203, Suite 1200. Be sure to stop by and see the space.  You will be delighted with the improvement! Phone and email remain the same. Directions

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on February 4, 2013 at 3:05 PM.

All members were present.

The minutes of the January 21, 2013 were approved.





DECEASED:         Ed Wuebold, January 12, 2013

RESIGNED: The following members have resigned in good standing.

Sean Vore

Wallis Vore

Alison Brown Sincoff

Lucy Firlie

Robert Poe

ERASED:           NONE


I.  Move/Relocation

  • Our 30-day notice has been given to Tim Haines.  Our last day will be February 28, 2013.
  • The pop machine and the safe have been taken care of and will not be part of the move.
  • 7 filing cabinets (letter size) will be donated to the CSO.
  • A shredding truck will be scheduled to come in as the end of the month approaches to take care of outdated material that doesn’t need to move.

II.  CMA Benefits Club

  • John Layne provided the office with the 990 for the Benefits Club.  The following information is presented for Department of Labor compliance:

The President and bookkeeper have discussed the options concerning the Organization obtaining the capabilities of preparing financial statements that would not require significant changes by the auditor.  Mr. Frankenfeld has decided that it would not be cost beneficial to change its current practice.  Mr. Frankenfeld believes it is in the best interest of the Organization to continue to retain the auditing firm to prepare its financial statements in conjunction with the year-end audit.  However, management will review and approve adjusting entries, if any.  Additionally, management will review and approve the financial statements, including disclosures, before they are presented to the trustees.  Management will review and approve the Form 990 and Form 5500 before they are filed.

III. Shen Yun

  • It has been brought to the attention of Paul that studio teachers at CCM have received a communication.  Shen Yun is sending invitations to students to audition for their touring show.  Individuals need to find out if Shen Yun has a contract with the New York Office. Individuals would want to approach this audition the same way one would approach a cruise ship engagement.

IV.  Musician’s Ball

  • Tickets and mailers will be printed and ready by the week of February 11, 2013.
  •  Carol and Lynne have coordinated responding to ticket requests over the phone with Rhonda and hopefully it will go as smoothly as in the past.
  • February 28 will be the cut off date for persons wishing to pick up their tickets at the office due to the move.

V.  Symphony News

  • The previously mentioned tenure issues have been taken care of.  Probation periods have been extended until the new Music Director is present in order to make a final decision.

VI.  Website

  • Carol reported that the website turnover meeting went smoothly.
  • The current quarterly hours have already been used due to high volume email questions and needs.  Carmen explained the billing process and Carol will keep a running list of any particular items needing Cybervise assistance and will coordinate with Carmen at the beginning of each quarter.


  • Paul is still waiting for a response from Mike Cioffi.  The issue is still on hold.



Next meeting scheduled for Monday, February 18 at noon.

Meeting adjourned at 3:56PM.

Pierson Peter Dejager passed away on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.  One of his many friends, Hank Mautner of Newport, Kentucky wrote this remembrance: “Pierson was a superb musician and an absolutely wonderful human being. In all the years we worked together, I never saw him without a smile, I never heard him complain, and I never ceased marveling at his continuing enthusiasm for – and interest in – all things trumpet. (Of course, it manifested itself in his playing!) RIP, Pierce – Gabriel awaits your tips!!