Former member Robert J. Shaffer passed away May 20, 2014. Bob was a veteran of WWII, 87th Army Band (Ft. Knox); Music Director at the Covington Cathedral Basilica; Music Faculty at Thomas More College and Seminary of St. Pius X; Organist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and May Festival; commercial/jazz trombonist and pianist. His entire life was spent in the service of music, family, church, choir, and students. Visitation will be held at the Basilica (1140 Madison Ave. Covington KY 41011) on Tuesday, May 27 from 1:30 to 5:30pm. Interment will be on Wednesday, May 28 at 2:00PM at St. John Cemetery (1 St. John Road 41011).  All are welcome.

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on May 15, 2014 at 1:10PM.

All members were present.

The minutes of the April 29, 2014 were approved.










I. President’s Report

  • President Frankenfeld informed the Board that he and Lynne attended the memorial service for Mary Ellen Tanner. Even though she was not a member of the Local she was a large part of the local music scene.
  • The bank is trying to assist Rhonda to be able to do banking online.
  • A film focusing on jazz musician Miles Davis will be shot in Cincinnati. The filming will be in need of extras and jazz musicians. Paul has written a letter suggesting that the Local be of assistance in hiring and locating musicians.

II. Electronic Media Agreement

  • Discussion around the EMG is at an impasse. The next meeting that President Frankenfeld will be attending is June 15-17th. The Board granted permission for him to attend.

III. Musicians Performance Trust Fund

  • While in New York with the CSO and May Festival Chorus, Paul met with Samantha Ramos. The State of Ohio received $23,000 for MPTF concerts. He wanted to check on the possibility of using some of those funds for a potential gala concert. Since that type of performance would not be technically “free” and open to the public funding would not be possible.
  • Musica Sacra has been primarily funded through the MPTF and is now going to apply for funding through the Louise Dieterle Nippert Fund.

IV. Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council

  • Doug Sizemore will be stepping down as Executive Secretary due to health problems.
  • There is a move to draft someone that members can rally around in order to avoid a potentially contentious election.
  • The Council is trying to increase younger members.


  • Trey Devey has indicated a willingness to begin early negotiations.
  • Ted Nelson, Drake Ash, and Dan Culnan will be musicians on the negotiating committee.
  • The performance in NY was successful. The soloists were superb and the John Adams piece did have a good performance.


  • Paul has recently received a response from CCO Board Chairperson Jennifer Funk. There is no need to halt negotiations on a CBA and they will continue in good faith.
  • The final 2013-2014 concert will be June 1. There is expected to be an announcement at the concert regarding next season.



Miscellaneous Announcements:

  • The Musicians Ball will be scheduled for April 24, 2015. Turn out must be improved.
  • Vice President Barb Lambert reminded Board members to get their bios to her for the website.


See attached B24611-24631

Next three meetings are tentatively scheduled for June 2nd at noon, June 16 for the Board meeting and the Quarterly General Membership meeting, and a Board meeting on June 30, 2014.

Meeting adjourned at 2:03PM.