Quarterly General Membership Meeting/September 30, 3013

The quarterly general membership business meeting of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on September 30, 2013 at 7:13 PM.

18 members were present.

Minutes from the June 26, 2013 quarterly meeting were approved as read.


I.  Welcome

  • Carol Dunevant, Secretary called roll for the officers and Trustees.  Mike Andres was absent.
  • President Frankenfeld asked the members to stand for a moment of silence to mark the passing of Gene Frey, President Emeritus.
  • President Frankenfeld welcomed all of the members present and reported that Mr. Frey’s children had not responded with a possible date for a local memorial service.  As a result the newsletter would be held up at the printers to give them time to respond.  The information would be added to the newsletter.

II.  National Update

  • It was reported that since the last meeting no progress had been made in Minnesota.  Their music director has threatened to leave the position if no agreement was reached.
  • If no agreement is reached a planned concert at Carnegie Hall will be cancelled.
  • It will be one year as of October 1 that the orchestra has been locked out.

III. Constitution

  • Ballots will be printed and mailed as quickly as possible so that the constitution revisions can be voted upon.

IV.  Lexington Philharmonic Update

  • At the last meeting Jose Mangual updated the members about the situation in Lexington.  President Frankenfeld asked if Jose would provide an update.
  •  September 8-9,2013 there were negotiations.  Players were asked to sign a non-compete clause which would exclude players from participating in other organizations within a certain mileage radius.
  • Negotiations also indicated that management wanted to do away with the artistic committee review process giving all authority to the conductor.
  • September 12 began the first week of rehearsals and there was no progress so they have a national mediator.  The players gave a vote of ‘no confidence’ to the conductor.
  • It seems apparent that management issues are coming directly from the conductor since all of the issues are creative and not financial in nature.
  • Jose stated that a new Board President has just come on board and appears easier to speak with about the situation and management was showing signs of asking questions and reconsidering an offer.  A temporary contract was offered and the players voted to accept so that a strike could be avoided.
  • Jose closed by stating that the management is claiming tight finances and it appears that much of the management works in “secret.”  The players have actually asked the Board if any of them have taken a pay cut. The Board also extended the contract for the conductor through 2015.



  • President Frankenfeld read the names of the members who have achieved fifty years of membership with the Local.  Tonight we honor Ken McLaughlin, Paul Pillar, Dale Renner, Joseph Rogers, and Dieter Van der Bent.
  • In keeping with tradition Paul introduced each honorary member by sharing highlights of their life and musical careers.  Each honorary member received a commemorative membership card and pin noting their tenure with the organization.

Honorary members also had the opportunity to share additional stories.




Meeting adjourned at 8:01PM followed by a reception for the honorees.