Board Meeting/July 6, 2015


  • The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on July 6,2015 at 3:35PM.

    All members were present. John Layne of Kelley, Galloway & Company, PCS was a guest.

    The minutes of the June 22,2015 meeting were approved.







    Christine Nicols, 6/29/15

    Annie Gordon, 6/29/15

    Robert Sullivan, 6/30/15

    Joseph Merchant, 6/30/15





    I. Presidents Report

    • The opera, Morningstar, is experiencing issues in the pit. It is extremely crowded. One person from each string section has been removed in an attempt to ease the overcrowding. It is a safety concern.
    • The Wisp Band will be performing at Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park.
    • The one-year agreement with the CCO is set to expire December 2016. It was agreed that they would program Amahl and the Night Visitors this year.
    • BAMSO is phasing in a three-year raise. They need to write a Letter of Memorandum (LOM).


    II. John Layne preliminary audit report

    • Layne was present to give an initial overview of the audit results. A few items were highlighted for the Trustees to look at and understand.
    • Revenues are down just a little bit. As members pay dues in advance it appears as a liability.
    • “Other Income” was $21,430 in 2014 and $2,632 in 2015. A CSO Broadcast rights payment occurred in 2014.
    • Expenses are up as a result of the CSO legal fees associated with the contract negotiations.
    • Promo usually shows a slight profit but the income is less as a result of fewer engagements. If the numbers are looked at as a calendar year versus a fiscal year there is a slight profit for Promo.
    • Cash holdings are also down a bit as a result of the Association absorbing part of the dues increase established by the AFM National Office.
    • The Association does not spend a lot of money but rent is a bit higher and there are still eight individuals who we are paying out on pension/insurance.
    • John requested the Trustees and Officers to examine the 990 with particular attention to the pages with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers. In addition, he reminded the Board that next year the Treasury Notes will mature and we will have to decide how to handle the reinvestment.
    • President Frankenfeld asked John if there had been any difficulties found because of the debit card. John responded that it has not caused any concern or problem.
    • John also reported that they found an overpayment to the State of Ohio taxes related to Promo. They are working to initiate a refund.


    I. Cybervise

    • Secretary Carol Dunevant has been working with Cybervise to correct an error message that showed up on the website. She reported that we were offered a new pricing from Cybervise that would continue the level of maintenance we currently have but cost would be reduced to $750 a year. This cost reflects a significant savings. A motion to move to the new billing was presented by Don Hurd. Barb Lambert gave the second. The motion was approved.
    • President Frankenfeld informed the Board that the brother of former Secretary Carolyn Mason had passed away. The Board agreed to send a plant to Carolyn. President Frankenfeld will take care of the purchase.



    See attached B 25120-25146

    Voucher #25095, approved on June 9, was never received by Carol Dunevant so it should be voided as another voucher was issued.

    Next meeting scheduled for July 20, 2015 at 3:30PM

    Meeting adjourned at 4:45PM.