Board Meeting/March 30, 2015

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on March 30, 2015 at 5:32PM.

All members were present.

The minutes of the March 16,2015 meeting were approved.









I. President’s Report

  • There are ongoing mail delivery issues in the building. Management is aware of the problem. Mail is not being picked up, sorted or delivered properly. Until the USPS resolves the problem all outgoing mail will be taken directly to the Dalton Street facility.
  • Tomorrow is the date Accent Music closes its books.
  • The MPTF has awarded Local 1 4700 for the senior citizen concerts. This money has strict usage requirement. President Frankenfeld is examining ways it can be used by our membership.
  • President Frankenfeld reported that he had spoken with Mark Schlacter at the Behringer-Crawford Museum regarding the Blue Wisp Band performance. It is scheduled for July 9 and will be an outdoor event. The difference of $512 to meet scale was addressed and Schlacter indicated there might be a potential sponsor. There is a bad weather plan established in the event of rain.


  • The IMA was settled in December and the ratification packet has arrived. President Frankenfeld scheduled several meetings for the CSO members to as questions and learn more about what it means for them. No one showed to any of the meetings. A vote was taken and is due to the Federation by Wednesday so it will be sent overnight. The responses will be tallied by a raw yes or no vote.
  • The CSO met its ArtsWave campaign goal.
  • President Frankenfeld has personally contacted all members who have joined in 2014 through this month to invite them to tonight’s membership meeting. It is unknown how many will be able to attend.
  • Music Hall renovation appears to be moving ahead. President Frankenfeld is concerned that there will not be any input requested from the musicians. Work will go forward but it is unknown what work will actually be done at this point.


I. Special payments

  • An email was received alerting the office to special payments of uncollected funds due to a short list of members. President Frankenfeld has contacted as many as he could locate and will continue to see if he can contact the remaining names on the list.
  • President Frankenfeld suggested that we begin to look into direct deposit for paychecks issued by Promo. When he goes to the bank to close out the Accent Music account he will get additional information. Currently there are checks that are being typed and are outsized. The checks do not fit into ATMs if someone is trying to take advantage of depositing directly into the ATM without using the soon to be gone ATM envelopes.
  • The Federation has been asking if there are any orchestras in our jurisdiction that might be interested in organizing.
  • There will be one more bill for Barbara Jaccoma for the CSO negotiations. The charge will be for one day.
  • Dee Sparks, a violist from Baltimore, has been subbing with the CSO. She will be joining the Local in April.



See attached B 25013-25029

Next meeting was not scheduled. It will be scheduled within the next week.

Meeting adjourned at 6:47PM.