Board Meeting/November 2, 2015

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on November 2,2015 at 12:10PM.

All members were present.

The minutes of the October 19,2015 meeting were approved.


Joseph Rodriguez, tenor and alto trombone, 10/15/15 (joined online)









I.  President’s Report

  • Greg Felix, IT with IWEB, has been difficult to get in touch with regarding the update of office equipment. Paul will continue to get in touch so that the office can be taken care of.
  • The retirement community concerts have been completed and the monies have been received from the MPTF.
  • MPTF paperwork for Musica Sacra has been completed and submitted.


  • The Mellon Diversity Fellowship Committee met on October 21. Those applying for the Fellowship will have an audition that is separate from their CCM audition. There are several questions that need to be addressed before the auditions occur. Such as, should auditions be screened or open since the applicants are already known and how many services would they perform with the CSO. It should be a progressive program. There were two committee members who raised concerns about the program. The concern is that the program only focuses on players who have already reached a milestone in their playing rather than focusing on youth to attract more diversity to orchestral music. Another question raised during the committee meeting was regarding the mentorship aspect of the Fellowship. Compensation for the mentors needs to be identified. Possibilities include Service Exchange credit or monetary compensation. Many items under discussion need to be resolved quickly since Fellowship auditions are slated for March 2016.
  • CSO Player Committee terms are staggered and as a result Lon Bussell and Matt Zory have completed their terms. Jennifer Monroe and Boris Astafiev are on the committee. They join Dan Culnan and Drake Ash. President Frankenfeld is an ex-officio member because of his office with the Local.
  • The Communication Committee reported that there appears to be no ‘Plan B’ if the renovation project falls behind schedule.
  • Arts Wave. A large part of Arts Wave criteria for funding rests with education of under represented populations. Organizations commit to a 3-year funding offer and must regularly show throughout the grant period what they are doing to meet this requirement. Because the CSO receives significant funding this has positive and negative aspects. The $3 million received by Arts Wave can essentially become a “smaller” amount because the funding cycle is three years, which does allow for increased budget costs. It can also impact the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra because they do not have a full-time executive director or manager.


I.  Taft Museum Concerts

  • Taft Concerts are to begin in January and all but one of the concerts conflicts with the CSO Sunday schedule. President Frankenfeld will be able to fill concerts with free-lance musicians.

II.  Diversity Award Program

  • The AFM Diversity Awards Program recognizes recipients at the convention. There are two awards – The Charles Walton Diversity Advocate Award and the Charles McDaniel Youth Award for applicants between the ages of 16 and 35. The first part of the application process ends January 8, 2016 and the second phase begins February 1 and ends March 15, 2016. Lovie Smith-Wright of Local 65-699 is the contact for AFM. The applicant must be a member of a Local. We are looking for names of possible applicants that we can submit.
  • Election Day
  • Election Day is tomorrow and the AFL-CIO has declined to give the park issue a recommendation.

III. Phone Book

  • As a part of discussion of the vouchers the payment for ads in the phone book was questioned. With the advance of technology and more people using the Internet to locate specific items the Board was asked to consider dropping the expense. It will be discussed in an upcoming meeting.


See attached B 25263-25286

Next meeting scheduled for November 16 at 12:00PM

Meeting adjourned at 1:00PM.