Board Meeting/October 19, 2015

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on October 19,2015 at 5:35PM.

Lynne Scott was absent.

The minutes of the September 23,2015 meeting were approved.







Sari Eringer-Thoman, viola, 10/7/15

Kelly Jones, trombone, 10/1/15





I.  President’s Report

  • President Frankenfeld offered more information regarding the WGUC request. He has suggested $560 per player (including subs and extras) and that it could be charged against the EMG for tenure track players. The $560 would be an annual figure. This would be good for subs and extras and would also be good for WGUC, as they would still be contributing.
  • John Layne will not be present at the Quarterly meeting this evening. The net worth has gone down slightly but we should see an increase since there are five new players on the CSO roster. President Frankenfeld also reminded the Trustees that decisions need to be made regarding reinvestment strategies for funds that are going to mature soon.

II. Mid States Conference

  • Vice President Barb Lambert updated the Board on the conference that was held in Davenport, Iowa. Formerly known as the Mid America Conference, the new Mid States Conference is a result of a proposed merger of several regional conferences. The merger was an attempt to reduce the amount of travel expenses incurred by the National Office in New York. President Frankenfeld also attended the conference.
  • The Mid-America Conference did not approve the merger and it appeared that there is a question as to whether or not the merger had been officially approved by the IEB.
  • Attendance was poor for the conference. There were only 13 delegates from the former MAC conference, including Paul and Barb. The MAC conference last year hosted 24 delegates. There was no agenda, no new By-laws and there was a general sense of unhappiness with the attempted merger. Marty Hodap from the Indianapolis Local will be checking the IEB minutes to verify that the merger was officially approved.
  • Both Barb and Paul agreed that the field representatives should be at the regional conferences but it should not be required for the Officers to attend.
  • The one item discussed at the conference that was intriguing was when the International Vice President spoke about ‘Fair Play’. This is a project that identifies local businesses that feature live music. The business gets recognized for supporting live music. The concept had been discussed at the last Convention and has been used in the Pacific Northwest and parts of Canada. It does not differentiate between musicians who are members of the Local and those who are not.


I. Future of Music Coalition Summit

  • The Board received an offer from the AFM National Office to contribute $500 to help sponsor the Coalition Summit. The Summit is to be held October 26-27 in Washington D.C. We would get our name on banners, programs, and web pages. The Board declined the offer.


See attached B25239-25262

Next meeting scheduled for November 2, 2915 at 12:00PM

Meetings were tentatively scheduled for November 16 and 30. The next Quarterly General Membership Meeting was tentatively scheduled for December 14, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50PM.