Website Information

Hello! This is just a reminder that if you have made any recent changes in your contact information it is possible for you to update your own profile on the website. If you have never logged on to the new site, or need help, please let me know!

While you are on the site you can cheek out the minutes from the last general membership meeting that was held on March 31. The main topic was ‘Focus on Freelancers’ and we would love to get your feedback. If you are a freelance musician we want to hear from you. Check out the minutes for topics,comments, and other concerns.

Please note that you can enter information for events/performances. Information is not published immediately so make sure you submit information at least 1 week in advance. Be sure to provide all details, such as time, date, location (addresses are a must to allow a map to be generated) and any other details you want to share.