Board Meeting Minutes/June 9, 2014

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on June 9, 2014 at 12:00PM.

All members were present.

Guests: John Layne of Kelley, Galloway & Co., Bravo Music Board members Mary Judge, Ron Aufmann, Don Hurd.

The minutes of the June 2, 2014 meeting were tabled until the next meeting.


Heather Baxter Oboe/English Horn June 3, 2014




DECEASED:     None

RESIGNED:     None

ERASED:           None



I.  President’s Report

  • President Frankenfeld reported that the string quartet that performed at Dr. Maya Angelou’s memorial service and reception did an outstanding job. The performance generated a lot of publicity for the CSO. The event was shown on the cable station OWN as well as YouTube/internet. There is the possibility this may cause an issue because of the media dissemination of the performances. He will inform the Board with the situation.


II. Bravo Music

  • President Frankenfeld introduced the Bravo Board members to the CMA Board.
  • John Layne, CPA with Kelley, Galloway & Company, PSC, provided background information pertaining to the formation of Bravo Music. The presentation was made to the Board members of the Cincinnati Musicians Association and Bravo Music.
  • Bravo Music was established with a mission to raise money that would provide music for disadvantaged individuals who did not have access to music, provide educational music outreach, and make music available to local performers.
  • The deaths of Jack Wellbaum and Gene Frey the Board reduced the Bravo Board to three members. John Layne presented them with three legal options regarding their dormant status. The Board could a) grow the Board and move forward, b) convert to private foundation status, or c) dissolve and disburse funds to another 501(c)3.
  • John Layne clarified that Bravo Music is a separate entity from the Cincinnati Musicians Association although they should have a brother/sister relationship. As a 501(c)3 they are publicly funded and as such are required to make sure that money moves in and out of the organization.
  • At this time the Cincinnati Musicians Association Board meeting was suspended and the Bravo Board held a brief meeting to elect officers and determine which course of action they would pursue. Election results were: Mary Judge, President; Ron Aufmann, Treasurer; Don Hurd, Secretary.
  • John Layne verified that Bravo Music was still an active and registered non-profit with the State of Ohio and that he had been filing the appropriate 990 to satisfy Federal requirements.
  • Mary Judge asked if John Layne would continue submitting the appropriate IRS paperwork. He agreed to continue to provide his services.
  • The Bravo Board decided to meet at the Northside Bank and Trust to add Treasurer Ron Aufmann as an account signer.
  • They received suggestions for potential Board members and they adjourned at 12:50PM.

III. On-line Banking

  • The CMA Board meeting resumed business at 12:52 following the Bravo Board meeting.
  • Paul reported that the online banking could commence as soon as paperwork at US Bank can be completed. He and Secretary Carol Dunevant will go to the bank following the conclusion of the Board meeting.

IV. National Media Committee

  • Negotiations have been going on since December 2013.
  • It appears that in the latest round of negotiations that the management side is prepared to begin to actually negotiate. It may be possible that talks can begin to move forward.
  • Paul Frankenfeld will be leaving on Sunday, June 15 for three days of negotiations. He will report progress of the negotiations to the Board on June 30.




I. Charleston WV

  • Apparently the President of the Charleston Local has contacted Paul regarding outstanding work dues for a performance at Marshall University. The letter from Mr. Spurlock in Charleston named a member of Local 1 in particular. Trustee Joe Gaudio will check the contract but knows that the named individual did not even perform at the Marshall University event.


  • President Frankenfeld described a potential issue regarding rehearsals and performances linked to the Classical Roots concerts. Once he has additional information he will give a more detailed report.

III. Post Office Error

  • During the audit by Kelley, Galloway & Company it was found that a payment from WGUC broadcasts had not been received. Payment had been made but the check was sent to the old address. A check reflecting the complete payment will be reissued and sent to the new address.



Approval of the vouchers was tabled until the next meeting, June 30, 2014.

Next meeting scheduled for Monday, June 30, 2014 at 5:30PM. It will be followed at 7:00PM by the quarterly General membership meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 1:50PM.