Board Meeting/January 26, 2015

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on January 26, 2015 at 3:32PM.

All members were present. Cameron Schlachter, guest.

The minutes of the January 12,2015 were approved as submitted with a slight housekeeping correction (194 CSO Assistant/Associate Conductor applicant videos were received).


Richard Paul Harris, Trombone, 1/15/15

Frank C. Schmitt, Trombone, 1/22/15














I. President’s Report

  • There have been no calls to the AllClear hotline.
  • The member with an outstanding loan has made contact with the office and has indicated that repayment will be able to resume.
  • Kay Casey, area jazz/swing music enthusiast has reached out to Paul. She is exploring the possibility of establishing a local Jazz Hall of Fame (JMHF). Having a JMHF with just a local emphasis would be very limited and perhaps looking to a regional concept might be better. The Trustees have discussed this in the past and agreed that there are more questions than answers at this time and it is not something to pursue without more structure being presented.
  • On-line banking has been established and is finally running. Since a debit card was required to establish online banking any use of the card would be reported to the Trustees. Receipts will be reported at Board meetings along with vouchers presented for approval.


  1. The Search Committee for the Associate and Assistant Conductors positions has been narrowed down. March 5 will be the auditions.
  2. The concerts this past weekend were all recorded and it included a patch session.
  3. It appears that the CSO will sign onto the IMA agreement set in 2009. Managers and players will be attending webinars to assist in understanding the agreement.
  4. Contract negotiations. Negotiations opened last Monday. Barb Jacoma felt that Ted Nelson, Chair of the Players Committee be included in all talks, including off the record meetings. There was discussion about working conditions. Management is floating an idea for a 5-year agreement that includes steady increases over the five years. It also includes certain monetary amounts for bonuses. At this point players seem to be more comfortable with a 4-year agreement. It was decided to make a counter-offer to Management that would have the extra money put into a 401b. Trey Devey and the Management legal council discussed the counter-offer. They will take the offer back to the Board. Talks seem to be very positive. This has the potential to be a first of its kind in negotiations and could serve as a model for other orchestras. The next meeting is scheduled for February 20, 2015. Trustee Joe Gaudio asked how the Players Committee members feel so far. Paul answered that he and Barb Jacoma need to do some education with the newer members about the process so that there is a clear understanding of procedure.Ballet Task Force

III. Ballet Task Force

  • The task force is currently soliciting funding to continue live music for the Ballet.

IV. Taft Concert Series

  • The January concert was a woodwind quintet and from all reports it went very well.


I.  Online Dues Payment

  • After hearing a comparison between PayPal and Square Market it was decided to set up a Square Market account so that members wishing to make dues payments online may do so at their convenience. Carol Dunevant will set up the account by the end of February.

II. Musicians Ball Update

  • Carol Dunevant gave a brief update about the Ball. The Bravo Board will be meeting February 3 and she will be providing more details at that time. Tickets will still be handled through the CMA office. Lynne’s phone number (0903) is on the ticket order form. She was asked by Carol to field calls and send out forms to anyone requesting the form.


See attached B 24934-24949

Next meeting scheduled for February 9, 2015 at 3:00PM.


Meeting adjourned at 4:23PM.