Board Meeting/June 6, 2016

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors’ of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on June 6,2016 at 3:42PM.

All members were present.

The minutes of the May 16,2016 meeting were approved M/S Gaudio/Scott.


David Allen Rood – trombone – 6/2/2016






Michael Charbel – trombone- 6/1/2016




I. President’s Report

  • The check for the Ballet Orchestra finally arrived. President Frankenfeld believes that payment to Promo exceeded the 21-day invoice and will look to see if penalties should be assessed.


  • Musica Sacra has reported that funds have not been received from the MPTF. All paperwork was submitted in hardcopy and electronically. President Frankenfeld will backtrack on all correspondence to make sure funds are received.


  • The CCO Board has not signed the contract although it was approved. President Frankenfeld will get in touch with the CCO Manager, LeeAnn Anklan to find out if it was signed at the most recent Board meeting.
  • The CCO is not a signatory of the IMF and President Frankenfeld plans on pursuing this as well.



I. AFM Convention Recommendations and Resolutions

  • The CMA Board discussed each recommendation and resolution that will be presented at the convention in two weeks. All recommendations and resolutions can be found in the latest issue of International Musician. The discussion resulted in the following:
  1. Recommendation No. 1 Financial Package. We will vote in favor.
  2. Recommendation No. 2 Player conference delegate selection clarification. We will vote in favor.
  3. Recommendation No. 3 CBA ratification housecleaning. There was a dissenting point on Section 32(a)ii that appears to be increase transparency but the Board feels we should seek clarification and look for a possible amendment.
  4. Recommendation No. 4 Officers as fiduciaries. This is a practice we already embrace and would vote in favor.
  5. Recommendation No. 5 Per capita, FWD reporting. Appears to be cleaning up and updating language. We will vote in favor.
  6. Recommendation No. 6 FIF arrears housekeeping. We will vote in favor.
  7. Recommendation No. 7 Maximum work dues correction. We will vote in favor.
  8. Recommendation No.8 Regional Orchestra Emergency Relief Fund. This appears to add language that would tie Article 6, Section 5 to something solid regarding interest rates. We will vote in favor.
  9. Recommendation No. 9 EMSD fee late payment. This will probably be an item of some discussion at the convention but we will support the recommendation.
  10. Resolution No. 1 Officer Training. We will support this resolution.
  11. Resolution No. 2 Convention delegate recognition. The Trustees feel that this would take up valuable convention time. We are not opposed to the recognition if done in a different manner. An example was the AFM writing the delegates with 25, 35, 40, 45, or 50 years of service outside the actual convention.
  12. Resolution No. 3 O&E fund accounting. We will strongly support this resolution.
  13. Resolution No. 4 Recording contracts and RMA role. We will vote in support of this item.
  14. Resolution No. 5 and 6 appear to work together and we will support them.
  15. Resolution No. 7 Strategic Plan. This was given considerable discussion and we would support an amendment that a plan of 3-5 years rather than a 9-year plan.
  16. Resolution No. 8 Sound recording and recording for film and television will be supported.
  17. Resolution No. 9 Salary and expenses itemizing will be fully supported.
  18. Resolution No. 10 Organizing study and campaign. We will support to suspend the FIF and Local initiation fee for one calendar year (1/1/17 – 12/31/17)and then assess the results. We feel that any member that has been expelled would not receive FIF or LIF amnesty.
  19. Resolution No. 11 Disabled member’s dues. We will vote against this unless amended with a clear definition of disabled.
  20. Resolution No. 12 Regional conference attendance will be supported. Small Locals should be given waivers if attendance is too costly.
  21. Resolution No. 13 Non-geographic local conference affiliation will be supported.
  22. Resolution No. 14 On-line ratification will be supported.
  23. Resolution No. 15 Electronic ratification will be supported. It parallels No. 14 only addresses traveling musicians.
  24. Resolution No. 16 Traveling engagements will be supported.
  25. Resolution No. 17 Orchestra in residence work dues will be supported. The home Local receives ½ of work dues of Local at the in-residence location. This could help Locals.
  26. Resolution No. 18 Convention delegate entitlement. Delegates will seek clarification. The resolution can be read to mean two different things.
  27. Resolution No. 19 will not be supported as it could have an impact on individuals First Amendment rights.
  28. Resolution No. 20 will not be supported. It is seen as being unrealistic.
  29. Resolution No. 21 distributing conference documents online will be supported so the organization can go a step further in being paperless.
  30. Resolution No. 22 French language services in Quebec will be supported.



See attached B 25508-25533

Next meeting scheduled for at June 27 at 5:30PM followed by the quarterly General Membership meeting at 7PM.

Meeting adjourned at 5:53PM.