Quarterly General Membership Meeting/June 26, 2013

The quarterly general business meeting of the Cincinnati Musicians’ Association was called to order on June 26, 2013 at 7:06 PM.

12 members were present.

Minutes from the March 18, quarterly meeting were approved.


I.  Welcome

  • President Frankenfeld welcomed the members and thanked them for attending in such stormy weather.

II.  National Update

  • Since the last meeting San Francisco reached a settlement that has been ratified.  St. Paul finally settled but the size of the organization will be decreased and it includes significant reduction in salary.  Minnesota is still out.

III. Constitution

  • Lew Mancini and Barbara Owens have notified President Frankenfeld that a mail-in ballot would be acceptable regarding the constitution revision.
  • President Frankenfeld spoke about the revision process and cited as an example the removal of a particular item that discussed at length.  Section 8.04 (p) under Financial Oversight was removed by the Board after much discussion.  Joe Gaudio gave background and a historical perspective regarding the section.  Office Manager, Rhonda Gillum, spoke to John Layne’s meticulous nature regarding the audits.  President Frankenfeld and Joe Gaudio both spoke on the fact that all Board members review the financials at every meeting which totals eight individuals.  Two elected officials must sign every voucher typed up by Rhonda.

IV.  Convention Delegate/Alternate

  • Due to family issues elected delegate, Rebecca Andres, may be unable to attend the convention.  As a result Lew Mancini and Barbara Owen advised President Frankenfeld that the Local hold an election for an alternate.  Members were notified by mail that if they were interested in nominating, or being nominated, as an alternate they should attend tonight’s meeting.
  • Carol Dunevant nominated Vice President Barbara Lambert.  Barbara will already be in Las Vegas attending the MAC conference prior to the convention.  In accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order President Frankenfeld called for nominations three times.  Hearing no other nominations Barbara was elected by acclamation.  Rebecca Andres informed Paul that she would give at least two-week notice if it appears she would be unable to attend so that the alternate could prepare.
  • President Frankenfeld reviewed some of the resolutions that will be brought to the floor at the convention.  He requested that anyone having comments or thoughts should feel free to contact him or members of the Board.  The entire set of resolutions can be found in the May issue of the International Musician.



  • Jose Mangual spoke about the difficulties of his Salsa band has been facing.  They have lost a considerable amount of work to DJs.  There are six or seven Latin bands in the area making it very competitive.  Many local establishments have been going with DJs since they do not require a cover charge.  Managements are simply not willing to negotiate with local groups.  Jose remarked that the same situation is also occurring in Puerto Rica.  Ensuing discussion also pointed out that the influx of personal websites have caused fewer people to use the service of Accent Music since they can contact musicians through their websites.  The topic of the expense of licensing fees arose.  The members present concurred that it would be time for a larger discussion around the fee.  The fees are so expensive that venues are priced out of hiring live music.
  • Jose Mangual also updated the members present with the current situation with the Lexington Philharmonic.  The players are receiving a lot of assistance from the area Local and asked for additional support if needed.
  • Ron Aufmann asked if information regarding Carol Aufmann could be placed in the next issue of ‘Overtones’.  Carol, a freelance bassoonist and member, is in need of a kidney transplant.  At this point a live donation is considered her best option.  The information will be presented in the newsletter as well as the website and individual members will be posting with Social Media sites to help bring the situation to a larger audience.  Ron suggested that for additional information people could visit kidneyregistry.org.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05PM.