Security Concerns

To All Members of Local 1 of the American Federation of Musicians;


Recently Local 1 experienced the theft of a laptop computer that contained membership files. A meeting of the Board was called as soon as the theft was reported. The National Office of the AFM was contacted and the Board was advised to secure protection against identity fraud for the members before informing those affected. The protection is retroactive to the date of the theft of the computer, as well as for one year from the date of the letter.


In accordance with Ohio law, once AllClear was engaged, a 45-day window (excluding days without mail) is provided to contact those affected. Because of heavy volume of mail this time of year, some letters may be delayed. Please read the letter carefully, and feel free to contact the toll-free AllClear call center if you have questions.   Please do not call Rhonda with questions – thank you.


The Trustees and Officers of the Cincinnati Musicians Association felt strongly that an orderly and safe sequence of events occur so that the members could be safely protected. AllClear Identity Protection is extremely precise in its requirements, and there were some delays in the preparations. Despite the six weeks it has taken to send out the notifications, the Trustees and Officers are confident that AllClear Identity Protection is the best choice of companies offering this service. AllClear has provided protection for many large retailers who have suffered breaches that were announced in the press. The terms of our contract do not permit us to name them, but one sells home improvement goods and another is a major package delivery service.


In closing, we are confident that AllClear will provide swift and effective service in the unlikely event that any of the personal information contained in the stolen device is used to create fraudulent accounts or access other personal data files. Where we regret that the car was vandalized and burglarized, the safety and security of our members past and present has been, and shall continue to be, our primary concern.


Paul R. Frankenfeld, President, for The Officers and Trustees of the Cincinnati Musicians Association